What are CAR PILLS?

ukas-accreditedJust like food supplements and vitamins for humans, CAR PILLS are beneficial to better health and longevity of your car. CAR PILLS are solid additives in the small form of tablets. They contain crucial ingredients that increase the quality of fuel.  

Why are they necessary?

CAR PILLS are necessary because the quality of various types of fuel is normally not as high as it could be. (see Why to use fuel additives).   (more…)


How to use CAR PILLS?

Usage of CAR PILLS is simple and clean and anyone can do it.  


There is no need to handle cans or bottles, taking large containers from the car‘s boot and then putting them into bags to prevent leakage or smell.  


CAR PILLS are stored in a black tube with a cap, featuring a child safety lock. Just open the cap and drop a pill into the tank before fuelling. Close the tube and store it in the glove box, pocket, briefcase or wallet / purse.   (more…)



We are using car pills for about six months and we are very satisfied with them. We own Ford Mondeo with a 2-litre diesel engine from 2005 and the fuel consumption of the engine has dropped by around 7%. And this is even though previously we were using premium diesel fuels about half the time at petrol stations. It also seems to us the engine produces less smoke than before.  Finally, we enjoy the ease of dosing the pills when fueling the car so we  can only heartily recommend them.




I have first results after approx. 450 miles. The car runs substantially better, engine sounds smoother, valves don’t knock and are quieter. The engine has a more refined operation overall and my impression is as if it is 3 to 4 years younger – runs smoother and noticeably quieter, almost as if it was new.